Special Correspondent

KURNOOL: The bubble of Telangana Rashtra Samithi will burst after the byelection, former Minister and legal expert Erasu Ayyapu Reddy said.

Talking to reporters here on Thursday, Mr. Reddy it was no longer a “rosy picture” for the TRS as it was likely to lose six to seven seats to the TDP and the Congress.

Mr. Reddy said TRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao had done great disservice to the region with his unparliamentary language and acrimonious words.

His attitude was not accommodative and provoked the people of one region against the other. He was ignoring the fact that after half a century in unified Andhra Pradesh, the bonds among the Telugu speaking people got strengthened.

Mr. Reddy recalled that only the leaders from Telangana were eager for unified Andhra State in order to escape from the repression of Razakaars. Telengana was relieved of the Razakaar menace after the unified State and the region witnessed the phenomenal growth when compared to other regions.

The people of Telangana region celebrated the formation of unified State like a festival but leaders like Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao were ignoring the historical truth.