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Air-conditioners prove to be a drain on power supply
Air-conditioners prove to be a drain on power supply

G. Ravikiran

Purchase of more ACs this year has put an unprecedented pressure on power supply

VIJAYAWADA: Air-conditioners set at chilling temperatures prove to be one of the biggest drains on power supply, which’s why consumer enthusiasts and corporate management experts have started an information campaign within their limited arenas to mobilise support for saving power and provide an answer to this summer-specific and long-standing problem.

Mumbai’s unprecedented growth in demand for power and its consequent impact on the supply have forced the corporate houses of the country’s commercial capital to implement energy conservation in their offices. This is limited not just to Mumbai, but elsewhere in the country too.

Chairman of a banking corporation recently mailed all the branches with his signature, listing out simple preventive measures and conservation tips to prevent a power crisis from looming large. On receipt of the message, officials of the local branch in the city have started looking for ways to follow the tips and do their bit for the cause.

Preventive steps

One of the main tips mentioned in the mail is to run all ACs at 24 degree C, as air-conditioners set at chilling temperatures consume more power and put more pressure on the power system. In fact, power conservation is possible only when the AC is set at a temperature not less than 22 degree C, as three to five per cent less energy is consumed for each degree above 22 degrees C.

It has also been suggested that ACs be switched on an hour after starting the work and switched off an hour before closing the office. Local officials think that it may not be possible under the present conditions of day temperatures rising to almost 44 degree C, but they admit that there is some scope for following this tip on the days when the heat is moderate.

Power sector officials in the State have recently announced that purchase of more ACs this year has resulted in an unprecedented pressure on power supply. More and more middle class families are going in for ACs in tune with their rising incomes.

The other suggestions given are: set computers to sleep mode and hibernate for saving power. Remove the plug from the switch board. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) to save power up to 75 per cent.



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