HYDERABAD: The Communist Party of India (CPI) State council has called upon the party leaders and cadre to intensify their efforts to unearth stocks of essential commodities hoarded by wholesale and retail dealers.

The party activists should, however, take care to see that the raids on godowns did not lead to unrest and efforts should be made to bring out the “illegally stocked” commodities with the help of the Civil Supplies officials. The activists should keep a watch on the diversion of rice meant for the PDS to the black market and bring all such instances to the notice of the officials concerned, CPI State secretary K. Narayana said.

He said the ceiling for retail traders had been fixed at 2,000 quintals for all commodities while it was 50,000 quintals in case of wholesalers. Party workers should keep this in mind and ensure that the commodities stored in excess of prescribed limits should be brought out.

The State and Central Governments, at the same time, should initiate measures on “war footing” to strengthen the PDS to ensure that essentials were provided to people at cheaper prices.