M.L.Melly Maitreyi

HUDA receives 724 applications, of which 312 are received in the last two days

HYDERABAD: With barely one week to go for closure of the Layout Regulation Scheme for unapproved and illegal layouts under the Compulsory Disclosure Scheme, response in the areas falling under the HUDA and HMDA limits has been lukewarm.

The HUDA so far received 724 applications, of which 312 came in the last two days. “As the deadline approaches, we hope the momentum picks up,” says HUDA Vice-Chairman K.S. Jawahar Reddy.

People take time to respond to such schemes, more so with many of the unapproved layouts falling under Gram Panchayats. Government has come out with a policy giving one time opportunity for people to regularise their plots in unapproved layouts. “It is better for people to comply and be in the queue,” he says.

Clarifying the persisting doubts of applicants, Mr. Reddy says all unapproved layouts falling under Gram Panchayat, municipal bodies even under the extended area of HUDA, ie HMDA, should apply to HUDA for regularisation by paying requisite penalty amount and other charges. Referring to the complaints that individual plot owners were asked to submit too many documents including detailed layout plan drawn to scale showing plotted area, open area, area under roads and the plot/plots applied for regulation, Urban Land Ceiling Clearance certificate in case the extent of land exceeds the ceiling limit or an affidavit in case the extent of land is less than the ceiling limit, Mr. Reddy said the all important document is copy of the registered sale deed/title deed. They should straight away apply with the sale deed and other documents that they have before the deadline. “The spirit of Government policy was not to complicate matters for individual. The HUDA officers were also directed to go by the spirit of government policy and not treat individual applications in the same mode of giving approvals for layouts.”

The HUDA is constituting special teams to pass orders within six months and it would be better if individual plot owners of a layout came together and applied for the LRS as the work involved to regularise either for an individual plot or group of plots is same, he said.

The G.O. clearly stated that the revenue so generated from LRS would be spent for provision of basic facilities in the unapproved layouts to bring them under the fold of planned development. Unapproved plots, layouts after the deadline would be treated as continuing offence and steep penalty as per law would be levied and neither building approval nor water supply and other services would be extended them.