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Grave shortage of bricks for Indiramma houses

Third such raid on brick kilns in the last few days

ADILABAD: Tension prevailed at a brick kiln near Tantholi village in Adilabad mandal on Wednesday as villagers from Chanda (T) tried to cart away bricks for construction of Indiramma houses while the owner of the kiln opposed the move.

About 50 villagers descended on the site along with a lorry and four tractors to carry away the bricks.

Official sanction?

They informed the owner that Adilabad Tahsildar Ghousuddin had asked them to do so.

When the owner did not relent on the plea that he cannot supply more quantity for Indiramma houses at subsidised rates as he had already supplied his allotted quota of bricks, Revenue officials came to the spot under police escort and informed the owner that the kiln was being seized as he is manufacturing bricks illegally.

Heated argument between the officials and the owner, who was supported by Tantholi villagers, went on for over an hour before the latter relented.

‘Brick raids’

There is a grave shortage of bricks for Indiramma houses because of which the district administration seems to have been favouring arm-twisting methods like ‘brick raids’.

This is the third such raid in the last few days in and around Adilabad town.