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An exclusive brand of stores offers fresh non-vegetarian items packed attractively

HYDERABAD: The sight of moss green walls and bits of leftover flesh strewn all over the place is familiar at any of the outlets and markets in the twin cities selling chicken, mutton or fish products.

But in tune with the changing times and catering to the needs of meat lovers, Reliance Fresh has recently launched an exclusive brand of stores ‘Delight’ at West Marredpally and Vikrampuri offering fresh non-vegetarian items packed attractively. And all this in a perfect ambience and affordable prices.

Be it Murrel, Rohu, Catla, Croacker fish, Tiger and Scampi prawns, mutton and chicken, meat packed and stored at specified temperatures in refrigerators is being offered in different varieties, including boneless, skinless, cubes, chops, lollypops, mutton legs, liver, etc and in different quantities.

While one kilogram of dressed Catla and Rohu fish is old at Rs. 59, the same fluctuates around Rs.70 in conventional outlets elsewhere in the city. Half a kilogram of mutton cubes and chops cost Rs. 97; the same varieties are sold at around Rs. 110 in the market. Apart from being economical, these outlets offer meat under hygienic conditions, which is what makes many prefer them over conventional meat selling outlets and markets. “Owing to the conditions prevailing in such outlets, my wife used to avoid visiting such places but now she accompanies me to these stores,” says K. Srinivasan, a resident of Vikrampuri.

Big hit

The other reason is these outlets offer desired variety of meat in desired quantity at any time between the working hours. At times, for purchasing 500 grams of minced mutton at a meat shop you have to wait for hours or have to visit it later but here its pick and pack in a jiffy, says Subanth Mukherjee, a resident of Marredpally. Already the concept has turned out to be such hit with meat lovers, that a group of fishermen recently staged a demonstration in front of the Reliance Fresh store at West Marredpally demanding closure of its Delight outlets. , says a meat vendor at Picket.