Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: According to a study, child sexual abuse is rampant in India involving 53 per cent of its children. Stringent action is absent as many instances go unreported due to stigma.

The silence is much ‘louder’ when the offender happens to be a close relative such as father or brother.

Through a shockingly vivid documentary based on a specific case of incest, social worker and film maker Sunitha Krishnan of Prajwala organisation sought to question and shatter this very silence on part of the society.

The documentary ‘Sacred Face’ premiered for a select crowd here on Saturday is the narration of a real life incident where the abusive father was a high profile government official.

Lavishing the best part of its 14-minute duration on the graphic details of the actual commission of the offence, the film however does not say anything about the silence it was attacking.

“The aim of the movie is to shatter the tolerance of the society towards such acts. Visual narration of the offence creates an uncomfortable feeling in the minds so that voices will be raised against it,” explains Dr. Krishnan, who produced the film under the direction of Rajesh Touchriver, her film-maker husband.

And squirmy one does feel, after watching the powerful shots comprising extreme close-ups and moving performances by the lead actors. Riza Bawa, a Malayalam actor was chosen for the role of the abusive father after many local artistes refused to don it, said Dr.Krishnan.

Hyderabad District Collector R.V.Chandravadan who attended the preview said that the officials needed to be sensitised on issues such as this. Time has come to shatter the mysticism associated with child sex, he said.

Director of the State Aids Control Society Ashok Kumar was among the invitees.