Special Correspondent

VIJAYAWADA: Jade, the Chinese restaurant at The Gateway Hotel, will be spreading out a new menu from Thursday.

The restaurant, known for authentic Chinese Sichuan food, has prepared the new menu that will boast of delicacies from across the Sichuan region of China. It will also feature speciality dishes from East and Fareast, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The new additions to the present menu include local favourite Chinese dishes such as crispy chicken wings, fried shrimp green chilli, Thai fish cakes, gulai udang, ga xao xa ot and more for meat eaters, while vegetarians will be able to savour crispy potato Singapore, cottage cheese chilli, vegetable Thai green curry, mushroom and green peas hunan mint.

The menu will also feature rice and noodle varieties, including nasi goreng, Singapore rice noodle and tripple Sichuan. There will be oriental green tea cheese cake, basil and pineapple chocolate mousse or dates and walnut burnt custard.