Vizag city is growing and with it its residents, to riches. This is reflected by the number of cars owned by quite a few in posh areas like Kirlampudi Layout, Daspalla Hills, Doctors’ Colony and Seethammadhara North Extension Layout. While one can be happy that the city is prospering, the fleet of cars flaunted by the affluent often causes inconvenience to the travellers on the interior roads.

In many of these areas, particularly on the Shirdi Saibaba Spiritual Centre road in NE Layout, the cars are parked on either side of the road from evening to late in the night which is partying time.

This makes things difficult for vehicles passing by as there is hardly any space to move in either direction. Immediate remedial measures have to be initiated by those concerned in the interests of the general public.

Money power

Corruption seems to have pervaded almost all spheres of human activity. But, the million-dollar question is: Why are government employees and officials not mending their ways despite growing incidence of traps by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB)?

Last week, a woman employee of the Regional Passport Office was trapped by the CBI sleuths for allegedly demanding a bribe of Rs. 4,500 and an Assistant SI of the Fifth Town Police Station was trapped by the ACB for allegedly demanding Rs.500 from a complainant who had lost his property documents.

There are some persons who pity the accused as they have to serve a jail sentence for such paltry sums. But one should see the agony of the victims who have to run around the ‘public servants’ several times for making them do their duty.

Year-end importance

National and international seminars are held at regular intervals during the end of the financial year. Though a handful of experts attend from neighbouring countries, the organisers brand it as international conference. A few attending from outside the State will give them the eligibility to call it a national event.

The reason for conferences being hosted in such a feverish pitch is the reason that before the year-end, certain funds have to be availed of. Failure to do so result in lapse of funds motivating many to conduct conferences on various topics.

(Prabhakkar Sharma,

B. Madhu Gopal and Santosh Patnaik)