Staff Reporter

More than 70 children participate

It is a game of physical and mental skills

The game is played by two members

VISAKHAPATNAM: There was fun and excitement for the children who gathered to participate at the fun game competition ‘Jenga Pages Contest’ jointly organised by Funskool and Pages on Saturday.

More than 70 children from 6 to 13 years of age participated in the fun-filled competition. Jenga is a game of physical and mental skill, in which players remove blocks from a tower and put them on top. Each game has 54 precision wooden blocks. The game is played by two members.

Each player has to pull a block and stack them up again and should check that the stack doesn’t topple down. The game ends when the tower falls in any significant way - in other words, any piece falls from the tower, other than the piece being knocked out to move to the top. The loser is the person who made the tower fall the winner is the person who moved before the loser. The game in its current form was invented in the 1980s by Leslie Scott. It grew out of a childhood game created around a present of wooden building blocks purchased from a local wood craftsman in Ghana.

This is a strategy game that is aimed to enhance the thinking ability of an individual. The event was organized to promote reading habit among children. The prize-winners for the event were S. Pawan Kalyan, G. Vipresh Anand, M. Anjan and P. Eshitanjani.