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Once in a day for 70 days

New arrangement in view of annual closure of canals

Civic body to meet tomorrow to discuss the issue

Kakinada: The Kakinada Municipal Corporation (KMC) has taken a formal decision to supply drinking water only once in a day from April 10 to meet the contingency arising from the annual closure of canals linked to the river Godavari.

The canals that bring water from the Godavari are closed every year for maintenance. This time they will be shut for 70 days from April 10. Till the canals are reopened, supply will be restricted.

Accordingly, proposals to supply water through alternative means, costing Rs 72.45 lakh have been prepared and an urgent meeting of the KMC is convened for February 23 to discuss the same.

‘Impending shortfall’

The KMC normally stores approximately 1,580 and 1,230 million litres respectively in the reservoirs at Aratlakatla and Samalkot to meet the drinking water requirement of Kakinada city in the summer. Of the total stored quantity, 20.45 million litres is supplied twice every day through pipelines.

Because it will not be possible to store as much quantity due to the impending shortfall, alternative proposals were made to compensate at least a part of the deficit. It is estimated that the water available in both reservoirs this year will be sufficient for just 45 days.

Therefore, the KMC has proposed to supply drinking water only once in a day from April 10.

Besides, the contingency plan which has taken into account water requirement for 80 days, comprises digging of two deep bore wells in each one of the 50 divisions, reviving the pumping systems at Aratlakatla and Victoria water works and plug leakages to pipelines in order to conserve water.

The KMC will be taking up these issues at its February 23 meeting.