Meeting on February 16 to discuss the issue

Nearly 200 engineering colleges want to be party to separate entrance test

College managements regret delay in admission procedure

HYDERABAD: Private non-minority engineering colleges in the State are toying with the idea of conducting a separate entrance test and not to be a part of the EAMCET conducted by the government. Representatives of various associations are meeting on February 16 to discuss and arrive at a consensus on the issue.

According to a senior representative of the Private Engineering Colleges’ Managements Association, nearly 200 colleges want to be party to the test.

But he admits that if at all the decision is taken, they have to conduct the test on a par with EAMCET and with transparency to win the confidence of students. He agrees that given the magnitude of the test and emotions and sentiments attached to it, they have to be very careful and involve a person with some stature to conduct the test. “We will discuss all these issues at the meeting,” he said. The idea of a separate test took birth because the college managements feel that the admission procedure is inordinately delayed eating into the academic year.

Four-month wait

Students have to wait for more than four months to enter college after finishing with the EAMCET.

Moreover, there is also the issue of fee. Colleges preferring to conduct their own entrance test have to give the consent to the APSCHE before February 29 this year.