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Showers come as welcome break for the lovestruck on the eve of Valentine’s Day

HYDERABAD: The pitter-patter of untimely showers on Wednesday had quite a few welcoming souls in the city though the whole State sighed and sobbed in despair. Unlike the farmers who reeled under huge losses, many city dwellers found the rain as an opportunity to snatch a romantic break from the routine, especially on the eve of the Valentine’s Day.

“The first thought that came to me as I looked at the skies in the morning was to take a break and shop for the Valentine’s Day. Rain did not deter me as I have a car,” said V. Rajitha, a techie from Madhapur.

Well, having a car might not always be considered a boon. As Aparna Vadapalli, a HR executive, puts it, rain in the city also means traffic jams. “The roads are bad and the traffic, in a pandemonium on a rainy day. Ideally, I would like to spend the day at office, though without much work. If indoors, I would like to remain oblivious to what is happening outside and curl up with a book in my hands,” she says. Aparna’s second choice seems to be the first for many born-bindaas Hyderabadis. The attendance or rather the lack of it in the city’s schools and colleges on Wednesday is a proof for the same. Apprehension of risk coupled with indulgence led many parents into relaxing the rules for the day.

Even children who braved the rain had to return as the sessions were suspended.

According to N. Satyanarayana, a government school teacher, 80 per cent of the primary schools and 50 per cent of the upper primary and high schools in and around Dilsukhnagar had to suspend the morning sessions due to lack of quorum.

“Transportation too was disrupted in the morning as river Musi was overflowing near Moosa Rambagh,” he said. Another teacher attributes the lack of strength to the economic profile of the students in government schools. Being from slums, many students would be held up with other important chores at their homes. “First, they can not take bath due to the rain. Secondly, they would be busy emptying the water that enters their hovels and shifting their utensils and clothes to safer places,” he says. Call centres and BPOs in the city functioned with minimal staff on Wednesday as many cab drivers failed to turn up.