Corporation tardy in taking up or completing infrastructure projects and basic amenities

Of the Rs. 282.84 crore only Rs. 70.29 crore spent by GHMC on roads and pavements

Most glaring is inadequate work done in housing where only 62.54 cr of the 270 cr. was spent

HYDERABAD: The drastically cut budget estimates of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) for the next financial year of 2010-11 also reflects on the poor work done during the ongoing financial year.

Figures made available till October 31 shows that the municipal corporation has been quite tardy in taking up or completing infrastructure projects or even simple improvement of basic amenities. If you take development of roads and pavements, a mere Rs. 70.29 crore has been spent as against allocation of Rs. 282.84 crore as per revised estimates.

Storm water drains

Similarly, Rs. 39.96 crore was spent on improving storm water drains when allocation was to the tune of Rs. 180 crore. For street lighting, Rs. 9.63 crore was spent when as much as Rs. 45.29 crore was sanctioned. For water and sewerage, it has been Rs. 26.71 crore when Rs. 51.88 crore was sanctioned. For building maintenance, Rs. 6.56 crore was spent as against Rs. 39.68 crore. That there is no further progress in augmenting MMTS project this year is indicative by just Rs. 0.05 crore spent on it when a massive Rs. 362 crore was allocated.

For bridges, flyovers and subways, Rs. 12.52 crore was spent as against Rs. 19.42 crore allocated. Most glaring is the inadequate work done in housing where of the Rs. 270 crore, Rs. 62.54 crore was spent. All the funds sanctioned are as per the revised figures.

Total expenditure

In total, GHMC has had an expenditure of Rs. 257.18 crore as against Rs. 308.22 crore sanctioned. Even for capital receipts, regularisation fee from the town planning department is the only positive sign as Rs. 100.55 crore was garnered as against Rs. 123.16 crore. While for revenue receipts, so far Rs. 228 crore was collected as against the target of Rs.526 crore. Rental income from its own properties has been dismal at Rs. 2.93 crore (Rs. 21.81 crore).

On Thursday, the government issued orders on the budget estimates for next year pegging it at Rs. 2,637.76 crore as against current year’s projection of Rs. 3,159 crore.