Special Corrrespondent

They lash out at Chiranjeevi for changing his stand on Telangana

KHAMMAM: The Praja Rajyam party witnessed large scale desertions in Khammam district on Friday as its key leaders came down heavily on the party chief, Chiranjeevi for reversing his stand on Telangana. They flayed him for declaring his support to “Samaikhya Andhra” movement. The partymen who went berserk stopped screening of movies – Arya 2 and Saleem at different theatres in the district. They also destroyed the platforms bearing the party flag posts.

Leaders who quit the party included Errapraggada Haribabu, Nagabattina Ravi and Kusampudi Ravinder. Lakkineni Raghu, district chief of the party also announcced his resignation to the party. Haribabu, who had unsuccesssfully contested from Khammam Assembly constituency on the party ticket last time, said it was unbecoming of a leader of the stature of Chiranjeevi.

“ We all joined the party pinning high hopes on his commitment to the case of Telangana people. But the hopes of the Partymen in Telangana region were shattered and there was no point in continuing in the party under his leadership, he added. Haribabu said that over 500 activists in the district had quit the party along with them. Those quit the party were firm on to fight for Telangana. Some of the partymen who deserted PRP said Telangana PRP would be floated soon. A few of them said they would work for the cause of Telangana without joining any other political party for the time being. Nagabattina Ravi, PRP candidate who contested from Sathupalli Assembly constituency, said that the party cadres were in for a rude shock with the over night reversal of the PRP stand on Telangana. It would wipe out the party in the region. He pledged his support for those agitating for separate Telangana.