The VGTM UDA and district administration, under the garb of development, are troubling the small and poor farmers and small plot owners. The UDA is planning to take up a township at Ambapuram, while the district administration is proposing to construct Indiramma houses at Jakkampudi by acquiring the land from farmers and plot owners. The UDA became a realtor by deviating from its primary duty of preparing master plans and creating infrastructure. Similarly, the district administration issued notification for acquiring land from small farmers in Jakkampudi. The government should desist from these anti-people policies.

V.L. Narasimha Rao


Advice to railways

When I went to an enquiry counter at Hyderabad railway station recently, a villager, who was probably not conversant with Hindi or English, asked for some information in Telugu. To my utter surprise, the clerk at the counter replied in Hindi punctuated with a few English words. Surely, the villager would have failed to understand the reply, and posed a few more questions in Telugu. The railway clerk shouted at him and asked him to go away. The authorities should ensure that clerks posted at the counter have knowledge of Telugu also.

H. Kalyan Rao


People’s safety

The APSRTC authorities and private bus operators minted money in view of Sankranti holiday rush. The RTC charged heavily for travelling in special buses, and the private bus operators are no exception. More pathetically, the RTC threw the safety of passengers to the winds and operated buses that were sent to scrap yard also. How far is it safe to travel in buses that were reconditioned just for holiday rush. The government also played a spectator role, even when the people lives were at stake.

Ch. Chakravarthi


Examine buses in scrap yard

It is reported in a section of press that the APSRTC took out many buses that were in the scrap yard in view of holiday rush. The authorities reconditioned those buses and operated them between Vijayawada and Hyderabad. It is high time the RTC constituted a committee of technical experts to examine every bus lying in the scrap yard, and make arrangements to operate them on city routes at least.

C. Ram Mohun,


SSA funds

Minister for SSA M. Hanumantha Rao recently announced that 2.20 lakh children were out of school.

The Minister’s statement portrays the dismal state of school education.

The government is spending crores of rupees on SSA.

But, the funds are not reaching the genuine needy. The government is not making any serious attempts to address the problem.

K. Vidya