Staff Reporter

The youth is a resident of Uppal

He borrowed money from his relatives, friends

HYDERABAD: Responding to an e-mail offering job abroad had cost an unemployed youth, Ch. Srinivas, Rs. 5.60 lakh.

A resident of Uppal, the youngster mailed his CV to an online recruitment agency a few weeks ago. After some days, he received an e-mail from one James Bell of United Kingdom offering a job in a reputed company in London, Cell Petroleum.

The person asked Srinivas to send Rs. 60,000 towards visa processing fees. The unsuspecting youth belonging to a lower middle class family deposited the money in an ICICI bank account specified by Mr. Bell on Dec. 19. Subsequently, the person sent another mail directing the youth to deposit Rs. 5 lakh more in four different accounts of the same bank, Saifabad police station SI C. Anjaiah said. Accordingly, Srinivas deposited Rs. 5 lakh after borrowing money from his relatives and friends and sent documents to prove his income and identity as sought by Mr. Bell. But, he mailed to Srinivas once again to deposit Rs 5 lakh. This time, the youngster grew suspicious and sent his documents and other details directly to Cell Petroleum company. To his shock, Srinivas received a clarification from the company stating that it neither has branches in any part of the world nor asks job seekers to deposit money in banks. The shocked youth approached the Saifabad police, who registered a cheating case on Tuesday.