A test of patience

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Naga Babu in the film ‘Aapadamokkulavadu
Naga Babu in the film ‘Aapadamokkulavadu

Film: Aapadamokkulavadu

Cast: Naga Babu, Sai Kumar

Direction: Posani Krishna Murali

The film by Posani Krishna Murali is full of gore, profanities and slaps you with awful, despicable acts of violence and is a sheer endurance test for the viewers.

It is all about moronic politicians chopping arms and heads. It’s a wonder how the Censor Board has allowed certain scenes to pass.

The movie intended as an anti-government propaganda fails to project the story in a convincing manner. It becomes an unintended parody as the hero Naga Babu heralds his real life brother Chiranjeevi as the only hope and the messaiah of the masses time and again. The film maker in his excitement to enthuse the crowds makes the mistake of using the caste card by naming Naga Babu as Rangaiah ‘Naidu’. The director has clearly not worked on the story and uses the film to drive home many points. While he lambasts people for dividing the State in ‘Operation Duryodhana’ here he shows his shift in stance on the Telangana issue.

Naga Babu plays a proxy leader talking about fluorosis, about setting the pandemonium on the Assembly floor right and imparts a code of conduct for political leaders. There is also a silly reference to how Chiranjeevi has the positive qualities of all the existing political leaders from different parties which clearly means the late leaders are no more icons. The film lacks imagination and is a pure assault on the sensibilities of viewers.




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