TIRUMALA: The TTD management is gearing up for the grand conduct of ‘Ratha Sapthami’ falling on Januray 22. On the occasion, the processional deities of the Lord will be taken around the mada streets encircling the holy shrine in a grand procession on seven different vahanams. The processions of the Lord will be organised from dawn to dusk remainding one of the Mini Brahmotsavams.

The day will start with the procession of ‘Surya Prabha vahanam’ in the early hours and conclude with procession of ‘Chandra prabha vahanam’ in the night.

Immense importance is attached to the ‘Surya prabha vahanam’ as the festival day is also called ‘Surya Jayanti’ day. The temple management has cancelled all the ‘arjitha sevas’ on the day.