Commodity pricesThe following were the prices (per kg) of essential commodities in the local wholesale market on Monday, according to Vijayawada Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Groundnut oil-56.50, palmolein oil-47.50, sunflower oil-53, tamarind (flower variety-fine quality)-35 to 39, tamarind (flower variety-ordinary)-28 to 50, tamarind (karipuli variety)-43 to 49, chillies-35 to 45, rice (2716)-14, rice (super fine)-15, rice (sona masoori)-18 to 19, rice (samba masoori)-16, black gram-42 and red gram-23 to 28.75.

Drink boiled water: GulzarMunicipal Commissioner Natarajan Gulzar has appealed to people to consume only boiled water, as there is a possibility of Krishna water getting polluted due to heavy flood in the river. To prevent outbreak of epidemics, people must keep their surroundings clean and eat only freshly cooked foods.

ATM openedAndhra Bank on Monday opened a new ATM at Nehru Nagar in Krishnalanka area. The bank's general manager A. Muralidhar said that this ATM was the 418th in the country, 331st in the State, 25th in Vijayawada zone and 16th in Vijayawada city.