He was not only guiding his wards but inspiring them to go the extra mile

“Even God is envious of the archery's development in Vijayawada. That is why He took away annaiah from us,” said a wailing young archer, unable to swallow the fact their anna will no longer be visible at the Volga Archery Academy.

The death of Lenin shook the young archers who train at the academy as he was not only guiding them as qualified archers but inspiring them to go the extra mile to win medals at the international events. He would always egg them on saying that they were not inferior to archers trained at Tata Academy and Lakshmi Mittal academy.

Now a big question mark is facing them. Who will teach us the nuances? Who will give us quality training? Who will guide us to glory? Though the boys and girls did not speak these words, their eyes said it all.

For several young archers, archery was a vehicle on which they could reach the pinnacle of sporting glory and the driving force was the affable Lenin.

Lenin will always be remembered by the sports fraternity as one who practiced archery all alone at Indira Gandhi Municipal stadium hitting the arrows at the target and collecting them by walking a good 90 metres. In rain and under the scorching summer sun he was always seen practicing relentlessly. That commitment of Lenin made him a force to reckon with in the compound segment in the country and he went on to win seven senior National championships and also emerged as Asian champion.

However, in an effort to promote the academy named after his late sister Volga, Lenin took a decision of taking up the mantle of a coach. He gradually reduced his participation as a player in the national circuit and began concentrating on the development of his academy along with his father Cherukuri Satyanarayana. Hard work and commitment began to show results as his trainee Ch. Jignas and Mandava Rishitha began to win medals at the national and international levels. Lenin mastered the nuances of the sport and he went to become one of the top five Indian coaches in a short span of time.

A great teacher

He produced more than a dozen national and international archers and travelled along with Indian teams to several countries. “If you dismantle a bow he would fix it in less than 15 minutes. He is too good at the technicalities of the sport,” said Surendra, father of Jyothi Surekha, an international archer.

Archery in city received a fillip with Vijayawada Municipal Corporation coming forward to allot a land at the Mahanadu Road. The news was music to Lenin as he felt his archers could practice without any hindrance. He along with father spruced up Volga archery Academy and built rest rooms for the archers to stay, study and practice.

Lenin said that he would bring a Commonwealth Games medal to Vijayawada and kept his word thanks to the exploits of Ritul and Jignas. In fact, he was supposed to announce at the function on Sunday evening he would strive hard to win an Olympic Medal. But fate decided otherwise.

  • In rain and under scorching sun he was always seen practising relentlessly
  • He produced more than a dozen national and international archers