TU defers move due to MLC poll code

Appointments to faculty positions at the Telangana University came to an abrupt halt on Friday as the MLC election code was enforced and the selected candidates who were called for certificate verification, were asked to come on a later date.

Earlier in the morning, a few candidates reportedly joined the duties after verification of their documents was completed. However, soon some student union leaders lodged a complaint with the Collector, who ordered the university authorities not to proceed further as it would attracted the election code.

She also told them that she would inform them as soon as the code was lifted.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that over 50 candidates who appeared for interviews a couple of months ago and were called for certificate verification on Friday, were disappointed by the sudden development, as they had to return to their respective places empty handed.

Some of them even became jittery and wondered if they would be called for certificate verification again.

Great hope

“We came with great hope and happiness here as we secured the jobs after a long waiting. The interruption was a great disappointment and now we suspect if we will get the call letters again”, bemoaned a female candidate, pleading anonymity.

Varsity Registrar Prof. D. Ashok told The Hindu that the joining process was stopped because of the election code and it would be held after the code was lifted.