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The CPO told reporters here on Wednesday that the upcoming mobile passport app was a major technical upgrade. “We used to issue handwritten passports. Gradually, we introduced e-passport, enabling users to apply online. Now, we are taking our services further ahead by targeting the mobile population.”

Aadhaar linkage

The CPO, who was on a one-day visit to Hyderabad to participate in an e-commerce conference, said that in future, passports issued would be integrated with the Aadhaar cards.

“The Aadhaar card integration is a long-term goal. It will take a while because not everyone has an Aadhaar card,” he said. The official also pointed out that the recent decision to print passports with Letter Screen Image (LSI), popularly known as Ghost Images and double lamination of the main sheet of the passport has helped counter fake passports.

Earlier this year, the MEA introduced strong counterfeit features like the LSI — replication of the photograph of the applicant in the form of a ghost image.