GUNTUR: Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital, Chennai, has introduced the world’s first and only robotic radio-surgery system, Cyberknife, which allows radiation oncologists to treat moving tumors with maximum accuracy.

Presenting the state-of-the-art equipment at a media conference held here on Sunday, senior radiation oncologist Mahadev Potharaju said that the equipment, the first-of-its kind in Asia Pacific has created a revolution in targeted radiotherapy that allowed radiation oncologists to treat tumors painlessly with minimum side effects.

“The advanced technology uses real time image guidance technology and computer controlled robotics to deliver an extremely precise dose of radiation to targets, avoiding the surrounding healthy tissueminimising complications,” he said.

Referring to the cost of the treatment, he said that a single fraction inclusive of all diagnostic and preparatory tests would cost Rs.2.25 lakh, while multiple sittings could cost about Rs.4 lakh.