Chairman of the Rythu Samakhya Chaganti Venkateswarlu has come up with what he calls the only solution to overcome power crisis in the State — remove top personnel and licensees in the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) and infuse fresh blood to revitalise the functioning of the generation and distribution system.

In a press release here on Thursday, he warned: “If this does not happen immediately, the State will suffer a lot.”

“Power is an essential commodity and plays a vital role in strengthening the nation’s economy. The economy of the State has suffered because of short supply of power. As a consequence, there is production loss, unemployment, inconvenience, and unrest,” he said.

All this was a result of the involvement of the government at every stage with the licensees, he alleged. The government’s interference did not allow the APERC to fulfil its regulatory role, he said. Since members of the APERC were retired government, they were keeping silent over the whole issue, he alleged.

The APERC had issued specific guidelines with regard to procurement of power. The APTRANSCO violated all the guidelines and procured power for Rs.6,040 crore without the commission’s consent, Mr. Venkateswarlu said. The APERC, when notified about it, did not initiate any action and let the AP Transco procure power as per its will, he said.

According to Section 11(d) of Reforms Act and Section 23 of the Electricity Act, 2003, it was the responsibility of the APERC to arrange for quality, continuity, and reliability of supply, he pointed out. There was no default or deficiency on the part of the customer. But, in the end, the common man was the one who would suffer, Mr. Venkateswarlu said.