E. Damodar, B.V. Ramana Kumar create awareness against animal sacrifice during Venkatagiri Jatara in Nellore district

A Hyderabad-based animal rights federation presented the Human Law for Excellent Enforcer Award to former Superintendent of Police E. Damodar and present Superintendent of Police B.V. Ramana Kumar for preventing widespread animal sacrifices during the Venkatagiri Jatara in Nellore district.

The Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisation commended the effectives steps taken by the top police brass to check the age-old practice of killing of animals in the name of sacrifice for Goddess Poleramma.

While Mr. Damodar imposed and enforced a ban on animal sacrifice in 2010 in his capacity as the then SP, Mr. Ramana Kumar reinforced the reformist efforts by effectively creating awareness and involving rights-conscious police force and local people in anti-sacrifice activities during all the days of jatara during 2011 and 2012. he sentiment-struck devotees were encouraged to break pumpkins, a practice widely followed to ward off evil and seek divine blessings.

The district police worked with volunteers of Blue Cross. Special teams of policemen, who were vegetarians, were formed to prevent sacrifices. These teams would continue their efforts every year during the jatara to put a permanent end to it.