The Anantapur Congress MP Ananta Venkatrami Reddy said that the people of Rayalaseema would not be prepared to lose their identity by accepting any proposal which involved separation of the Rayalaseema region.

Mr. Reddy, who spoke against the proposal of “Rayala Telangana” comprising Kurnool and Anantapur with Telangana, wondered if the Centre was indeed contemplating such a move and said he would unequivocally support united Andhra Pradesh and that no other alternative would be acceptable.

“People of Rayalaseema and especially that of Anantapur district have sacrificed the Bellary region during the formation of the State for the unification of the Telugu people. Later we accepted the shifting of the capital from Kurnool to Hyderabad accepting the argument of centrality of the capital and requisite infrastructure being available at Hyderabad,” he said arguing that the development of the region was compromised at the altar of the unification of Telugu speaking people.

“What more do you want us to lose? Even identity?”, he sought to question while saying that expecting the people of Rayalaseema to remain silent if such an alternative is indeed proposed would be unethical as such a move would deal a death blow to the already impoverished region. Criticism for the proposal to carve out a Rayala Telangana State is increasing by the day, with Congress leaders openly voicing their protest against any such proposal.

Student organisations are also planning to stage demonstrations while the political parties are expecting to chalk out their future course of action. Speaking to The Hindu , the Uravakonda MLA and senior Telugu Desam leader from the district Payyavula Keshav accused the Congress of trying to destroy the future of the people of the Rayalaseema region by resorting to divide it for political reasons.

“Who has asked them to think of dividing Rayalaseema, when the sole question is about the creation of a Telangana State alone.”