CPI district Secretary Jagadish today accused Anantapur MLA, Gurunath Reddy, and his family members of trying to misappropriate tens of acres, belonging to the government in the Missamma Bungalow case, in Anantapur today.

Speaking to press on Tuesday in Anantapur, he accused the company, DNR Constructions, which he alleged was a front of the Anantapur MLA and family, of having created fake and forged documents pertaining to the Missamma Bungalow, which today are worth crores of rupees.

“The entire land is assigned land and hence belongs to the government. But the MLA's family have created and registered a fake sale document pertaining to the land, while there is no right for anybody to sell it and hence nobody can buy it,” he alleged.

Revealing that the land has been transferred to a christian missionary trust, which had no right over sale of the land except use it; he demanded that the government take cognisance of the matter and take appropriate action against all those involved in this mis-adventure.

Meanwhile, the Joint Collector is learnt to have promised to put up a wire fence surrounding the entire property to ensure that there is no chance for an encroachment in the future also.