An epitome of loyalty

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“I thought Kishan Reddy had his house full of dogs and that’s why he is after us with persistent requests to hasten this project,” said Minister for Animal Husbandry Mandali Budha Prasad, breaking the gathering into peels of laughter.

Mr. Budha Prasad said this about BJP Himayatnagar MLA G. Kishan Reddy in jest during the inaugural function of a government super speciality hospital at Narayanguda recently. The Principal Secretary for Animal Husbandry, Priyadarshi Das, had even a more imaginative and colourful take on canines.

“Kids eagerly wait for the father to leave or come late. Same is the case with wife, who is always on the lookout for the husband to leave the house so that she carries on her social activities. Only the dogs are truly happy when the master of the home is back,” breaking the gathering into another round of guffaws.

It was a vocal imposition literally when the television channels bouquet of microphones were thrust one after other on the face of ace percussionist Sivamani.

In a race to get an ‘exclusive’ with him, all of them stood in line firing the same questions, only that they were twisted. Of course, the answers were the same.

Moreover, with the New Year drawing closer, Sivamani was asked to greet viewers of the TV channels a ‘Happy New Year’. After many “back-to-back interviews” and “many wishes”, his final interview ended on the same note- ‘Happy New Year’.

It is difficult to wish everybody during festivals and most end up conveying belated wishes. But there are some who look at the brighter side of belated wishes also.

At a press conference organised by a senior RTC official, a scribe from vernacular daily turned up late and the moment he saw the official, he conveyed his Diwali wishes. Even before the official could respond, other scribes pounced on him pointing out that it was bit too late, wasn’t it.

Before the ‘cornered’ scribe could respond, the official jumped to his rescue stating that the greetings were for next Diwali!

Guess, who is the current-day ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’? None other than the Union Minister of State for Human Resources Development, Daggubati Purandeswari, according to the organisers of the three-day ‘National Ahimsa Conference’ that concluded on Sunday,

The wise men on the dais did not stop at that. They even described the blushing minister as ‘Ahimsa Ki Rani’, presumably because the theme of the conference was non-violence. And much to her amusement, she was even made to sport a very colourful headgear reminiscent of a queen. Photographers lapped it up for sure.

Religious intolerance had an amusing manifestation in the city during the recent talk by Editor of ‘Communalism Combat’ Javed Anand. When the eminent journalist, more famous as husband of civil rights activist Teesta Setalvad, made some observations regarding women’s status in Islam, a senior journalist from a local Urdu newspaper raised his voice in objection.

“We all learnt the Islamic scripture by heart. We know what is written in that,” he protested. Despite the moderator intervening and pacifying the scribe by promising to allow him to speak in the end, he would not let Mr. Anand speak. The audiences were visibly irked when he began to intervene with evident sarcasm for every two or three lines from Mr. Anand.

The moderator had to finally ask the old man to leave the hall. However, Mr.Anand was heard lamenting that the journalist did not have the patience to listen and comment on what he had to say.






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