The recent flooding of the airport has raised several apprehensions in the minds of Vizagites about the airport's modernisation and expansion works.

Earlier, it was thought that the airport could be flooded only when excess water from the Meghadrigedda reservoir was released. But the flooding of the airport last week, when there was no discharge from the reservoir, has raised questions about the diversion of the reservoir's water into the sea.

Observers feel that encroachments in the course of the Meghadrigedda reservoir at Gopalapatnam and other areas have altered the flow of water resulting in inundation of the airport whenever water was released from the reservoir. Torrential rain for two days and the rainwater which flowed down from the hills had taken the same course and inundated the airport this time.

We had seen what happened in Hyderabad, Mumbai and other cities as a result of encroachments.

After completing the underground drainage work in some parts of the city, the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation is pushing the residents to connect their houses to UG lines.

Work inspectors served notices on householders to complete the job immediately and also went round the colonies to serve personal reminders. Hence the work on connecting the houses to the UG system is on. It is good to see the GVMC making additional efforts, after its earlier pleas failed to receive the expected response, and the people readily responding this time.

Residents of Official Colony in the 20th Division feel that the GVMC should also make the authorities of King George Hospital get their sewage system connected to the city's network of underground pipes. It will be a great relief for them since quite often the septic tanks of Bhavanagar and Rajendra Prasad wards of the hospital overflow and the sewage seeps through the compound wall of KGH and flow onto the road between the KGH and Official Colony.