Demand for introduction of Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament

As part of the nation-wide stir, demanding introduction of the Jan Lokpal bill drafted by Team Anna in Parliament, the temple city of Tirupati witnessed an all-party demonstration at the Nalagukalla Mandapam junction on Tuesday.

Anti-UPA slogans

Cadres belonging to district and city party units of the TDP, CPI-M and CPM converged at the junction and raised anti-UPA slogans amid waving of placards.

They dubbed the UPA-II as the most corrupt government independent India has ever had and accused it of being obstinate as not to see the popular support welling up for Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill rather deliberately, as it was wary of its consequences on its own leaders at the top echelons.

The CPI-M has used the occasion to release its four-page leaflet highlighting as to what the Jan Lokpal Bill should envisage.

The brochure concurred with salient features of Team Anna's draft bill and demanded that the Prime Minister too be brought under the ambit of the Bill while the judiciary be brought under the purview of an independent Judicial Commission for its free, fair and dispassionate functioning.

‘Amend Article 105'

The other demands of the CPI-M's draft are a separate legislation for the protection of people's rights, amendment to Article 105 of the Constitution to bring Parliament members into the ambit of the Vigilance Commission, electoral reforms to contain money power in elections, establishment of State level lok ayuktas covering all people's representatives, steps to bring back all the black-money stashed in ‘tax havens' so that it can be usefully utilised for social security and public welfare activities which are currently crying for funds.

  • UPA-II dubbed most corrupt government by protesters
  • CPI(M) releases 4 page leaflet saying what the Bill should envisage