Staff reporter

ADILABAD: The State SC, ST Commission on Friday urged the government to allocate more funds and implement more welfare schemes for the downtrodden for improving their lot.

He said the fund allocation should be in proportion to the population of SCs and STs in the State.

Addressing a press conference here, Commission Chairman M. Nagarjuna said the government should also ensure that benefits of its welfare schemes reached eligible beneficiaries. He warned officials against any mistake in selection of beneficiaries.

Speaking about his experience during the three-day tour of the district, Mr. Nagarjuna said it was disturbing to note that schools in tribal areas did not have proper seating arrangement. He urged the Integrated Tribal Development Agency to supply benches and desks to schools that did not have them.

Answering questions, the Chairman warned people from the downtrodden communities to refrain from misusing the provisions of the SC, ST Atrocities Prevention Act. He said if instances of foisting of false cases were found, penal action would be taken against those responsible. The Commission later held a review meeting with district officials.