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NKC, Lingdoh panel recommendations condemned

Protestors go on a signature campaign

Kothari panel reforms favoured

ANANTAPUR: The All-India Democratic Students’ Organisation (AIDSO) observed Monday as a protest day against the recommendations of the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) and Lingdoh Committee against student union elections.

The activists also collected signatures of students and general public on the anti-student policies of the government.

Speaking at a protest meeting here, secretary (town) of the student outfit K. Nagaraju alleged that the Centre was making all efforts to bring education under GATT agreement. He requested the government to stop implementation of recommendations of the NKC as that would tantamount to totoal privatisation and commercialisation of the education sector.

Student union elections in the Delhi Central University were cancelled based on the recommendations of the Lingdoh Committee and there was a large-scale opposition to the government decision.

In stead, he demanded the government implement the Kothari Commission recommendations for allocation of 10 per cent of the Union budget and 30 per cent of States’ budget for education.

Besides, he also opposed closure of government schools in the name of merger of upper primary schools with high schools and hike in fee in government educational institutions.