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108 centres identified in East Godavari

Three sets of question papers despatched

High-power panel to take on-the-spot decisions

Rajahmundry: District Examination Committee convener and Regional Inspection Officer (RIO) of Intermediate Board C.M. Gouse had announced that they have identified 108 centres to conduct Intermediate examinations from Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday along with committee member G.V. Ramana and RDO M. Jitendra he said that they have already dispatched three sets of question papers to these centres.

He said that the committee has been constituted with Collector as Chairman, Superintendent of Police as vice-chairman, RIO as convener and 3 principals and 2 junior lecturers as members. In both senior and junior Inter, 44,508 boys and 41,245 girls (total 85,753) are taking examinations.

According to RIO, entire district has been divided into 39 zones and 108 Chief Superintendents, same number of department officers, 44 additional chief superintendents and 18 custodians were appointed to supervise the examinations.

High-Power Committee

Mr. Gouse said that this year they have constituted a high-power committee with Collector, SP and Regional Joint Director of Intermediate Board to take on-the-spot action on any sort of malpractices.

“It is like a fire-fighting committee.

It will have powers to cancel the examination on the spot and conduct the same exam with another set of examination paper with the support of subject expert, who will accompany with committee”- said Gouse.

He said that as it was done in the past they are also doing jumbling in all centres except in Rangampeta, Mukteswaram, Draksharamam and Seetanagaram.

He assured that there would be no problem for furniture, drinking water and toilets to the students.

No difficulty

When reporters persistently asked about March 14 on which Sonia Gandhi’s meeting is scheduled in Jaggampeta and all RTC and private buses will be diverted to the meeting, the RIO said that there would be no disturbance to Inter students as the exam is from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

He also said that RTC would allow students with hall tickets in that particular route, even though they are diverted to the meeting.