Senior CPI (M) leader and former MP Tammineni Veerabhadram said all the major political parties -- Congress, TDP, YSR Congress and TRS -- had the same kind of economic policies that favoured capitalists. They were making impractical promises to woo the electorate with general elections round the corner.

Both Central and the State Governments were announcing a slew of populist schemes without keeping the long-term consequences in mind.

Particularly, the Central Government was painting a rosy picture of the economy by citing the flow of foreign investments and GDP growth but the people should see the grim realities before going to polls in 2014, he told media persons here on Tuesday.

Mr. Veerabhadram said a coalition of parties which has stable policies, especially the kind of economic ones that will achieve a truly inclusive growth, is the need of the hour. People should think twice before making the right choice as their plight would otherwise deteriorate.

The impact of neoliberal policies is already being felt in no small measure and a wrong party in the saddle would make the people’s lives even more miserable. The CPI (M) would support only such parties which are in politics for serving the masses but not just for enjoying power.

Mr. Veerabhadram said it was a matter of shame that the Home Minister who was facing charges under Section 420 of Indian Penal Code continued in the Cabinet. She should be immediately sacked. Other tainted Ministers have also to be expelled. Unfortunately, the Government is trying to give them a clean chit in an unprecedented act of encouraging  corruption.

  • They are making impractical promises to woo voters with elections round the corner, he says

  • Calls for a coalition of parties with stable policies that will achieve a truly inclusive growth