Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Experimentation, the elixir of life for the theatre art, found another dimension on Saturday in the play ‘Alexander' by the JP Theatre, owned by the well-known villain-comedian Jayaprakash Reddy.

Neither mono-action, nor a play with full star-cast, the theatre show nevertheless, kept the audiences unaware of the fact that they were actually watching a sole performer on the stage, that is, Mr.Reddy in full vigour.

The show opens with the protagonist of the play, a retired army man, interacting with his ‘conscience'—his own recorded voice-- in order to caution himself against dithering on his decision to stay alone, away from his son and daughter-in-law. Thus introducing the character, the play goes on to delve more into his persona. Though leading a solitary life, Alexander lives it to the fullest, raising a toast to it every day, puffing away to bliss on his pipe, and what's more, running a helpline for distressed souls.

He doles out the cheekiest of advices to those who consult him on the helpline, and they work wonders. More than the solutions, it was the digs he had taken on the establishment and media that had the audience in raptures. A few are here: “Call one TV channel, and 35 of them swoop down on the spot… they conjure up news from thin air.” The best applauded one was his improvised expansion of TRP ratings-- T for Trash, R for Rumours and P for Propaganda. Well, that was Alexander for you. Written by ‘Poosala' and voice-supported by eminent actors Kota Srinivasa Rao, Allari Naresh, Jhansi, and Suma, the play was applauded by theatre and film doyens such as D. Ramanaidu and Chatla Sreeramulu, among others.