The two-day-long State-level convention of the All India Agricultural Workers’ Union AIAWU, the farm workers wing of the CPI(M), to be attended among others by the State leaders such as all India president of the AIAWU, Paturi Ramaiah, former CPI(M) MP Thammineni Veerabhadram besides, delegates from all the districts, is expected to finalise a plan of action to expose the ‘empty rhetoric’ of the Central and the State governments on the burning issues of the poor.

Chittoor district secretary of the AIAWU , P. Venkatrathnam had in a release referred to the just concluded sixth edition of the State-wide “land distribution” programme and sought to dub the whole programme as a ‘farce’ because even for the land pattas distributed to the landless in the first edition of the programme, the lands were yet to be shown in most cases.