They are forced to come to the post office on a daily basis

A large number of pensioners who get old-age, widow and disabled dole from the government gathered in large numbers at the post office in Ramgiri on Thursday and spent agonising moments as they had to come repeatedly in view of the holidays on October 1 (bandh), October 2 (Gandhi Jayanti) and on account of rain or non-functioning of the finger print machine the following day.

They were anxious as the amounts ranging from Rs.200 to Rs.500 are disbursed during the first five days of a month.

If a person misses collecting the pension during the period, he or she has to wait for the following month to receive it.

Pichamma, 70, of Gandhinagar, Chandramouli, 50, a physically challenged person, C. Srinivas, and Mallaiah who waited for the disbursal of the pension, said the restriction of making the payments during the first five days of a month should be lifted.

They favoured a provision of allowing the amounts to be deposited in the post office, with each beneficiary getting a pass book.

As an alternative, ATM facility could be provided, which enables them to avoid wasting time waiting to receive the amounts.