People who are used to drawing a huge amount of cash from ATMs should ponder over the practice if one went by the agonising experience of a person in the city.

The person, Pathan Yusuf Kahn, was shocked when he got a torn 500-rupee note while drawing cash from the ATM belonging to a private bank on the busy Kurnool road on Thursday night.

The incident came in the wake of the police recovering ‘counterfeit notes’ from an ATM of a public sector bank here recently.

On rushing to the bank branch here on Friday, the youth working with a mobile service provider, received a lukewarm response from the bank staff.

The bank staff maintained that filling the chest of the ATM had been outsourced by the bank and the bank could not be held responsible for ATM dispensing with any torn notes.

After the youth highlighted his plight to the media, the bank staff asked him to get in touch with them on Monday and promised to revert to him after consulting their higher-ups.

Recently, the city police had recovered 16 ‘suspected counterfeit' notes of Rs. 1,000 denomination from an ATM of a public sector bank ohere and sent them to Reserve Bank of India for verification.

Bank customers are in a disadvantageous position as it will be difficult for them to prove that any cut or fake notes were dispensed by a particular ATM. Only banks will have the information on the currency notes loaded on to the ATM.


What to do if a fake note pops out of an ATM?October 1, 2012