APSRTC operates only 52 per cent of services in Seemandhra region

Citizens wanting to go towards any part of coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions continue to get hassled, what with a majority of bus services, including the private buses cancelled owing to the ongoing ‘Samaikyandhra’ agitations at different places.

While APSRTC could operate only 52 per cent of services in the Seemandhra region on Saturday, private bus operators operated only 25 per cent. Of the 280 buses that are operated from Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (MGBS) towards East and West Godavari and Guntur districts, only 80 were operated. Majority of the 350 services towards Bangalore sector continue to be suspended.

“We could operate buses till Kurnool district and operating beyond this point was proving to be risky. Similarly, towards coastal region, buses were being operated till Vijayawada only. In fact, there were zero operations in West Godavari and Ananthapur districts,” said a senior RTC official.

The corporation suffered revenue losses to the tune of Rs.8 crore due to cancellation of services. Authorities said services would be restored only after police instructions. Similar is the case with private bus operators. Everyday, nearly 350 private buses are operated towards Bangalore, coastal Andhra and Tirupati sectors but hardly 75 buses were operated on Saturday.

It is not just those connecting the capital, most of the 400-odd buses shuttling between Vijayawada and Chennai, Visakhapatnam and Bangalore and Vijayawada and Bangalore routes too were cancelled.

In total, the private bus operators have been incurring a mindboggling loss of about Rs.1 crore per day due to cancellations, says H.S.C Bose, honorary president, A.P. Private Bus Operators Association.

“There is huge demand for tickets to Tirupati, generally on Saturdays, but this weekend, the situation is bad. Of the 800 seats available, only 100 seats were booked,” says Mr. Bose.

However, most of the trains were being operated as per schedule.

Keeping in view of the situation, South Central Railway has introduced about 10 special trains towards coastal districts from the capital for the convenience of passengers.