Special Correspondent

KURNOOL: Is it because of chikungunya that more number of extremists surrendered last year? That is the contention of homoeo physician Jagan Mohan Murthy.

Dr. Murthy addressed the parents of Kendriya Vidyalaya here on Saturday educating them about common infections among school children.

He said most of the extremists who suffered from chikungunya could not trek long distances for months together. As underground cadres had no safe places in the human habitations, they gave up, he argued.


Also, he said prospects of handball teams fluctuated at the national championship recently because of conjunctivitis (red eye). The best teams failed to put up better performance because of infected eyes.

He suggested that the best way to check spreading of conjunctivitis was keeping the affected child away from school for few days. He said the disease spread through contaminated towels and hands. During the disease period, one should avoid rubbing eyes.

He said homoeo made miracles in the treatment of certain diseases. That was why many considered it a miraculous medicine rather than a system of medicine.