Staff Reporter

ANANTAPUR: Penukonda legislator Paritala Sunita of TDP alleged that the district administration has been biased in acting against corrupt officials. She alleged that they have been sparing the corrupt staff, if they were supportive of the ruling party leaders.

At the same time the authorities were targeting the impartial staff for no fault of theirs as per the instructions of the ruling party leaders, she told District Manager of AP Housing Corporation N. Ramachandra Reddy here on Friday. She placed a number of examples of biased approach against the staff in her native Ramagiri mandal before the DM. Accompanied by Ramagiri ZPTC member K. Ramamurthy, MPP Rangaiah and party leaders L. Narayana Chowdary and C. Obi Reddy she sough to know from the DM why the housing work inspector of MC Palli in Nasanakota Gram Panchayat though he was impartial in functioning. However, there was no action against the responsible for swindling of 370 bags of cement sanction to beneficiaries in Baddalapuram village.

The officials were sanctioning bills on benami names for construction of a house by Congress leader G. Bhanumati, but there was no action by the authorities. She requested the DM to inquire into the irregularities and take action against the corrupt officials instead of victimising the impartial ones.