Staff Reporter

SANGAREDDY: The administration in the district came to a standstill, literally, in the past two months.

Thanks to the ongoing Telangana agitation. According to sources, development works of any importance took place.

Planned visits of many delegations were indefinitely postponed. At least in three instances, the visit of a team on the study of non-pesticide management at Nyalkal, visit of a senior official to Ramayampet and visit of an IAS official from Delhi were postponed in regard to district rural development agency (DRDA).

“If we move, we have to move in few number of vehicles, which will attract the attention of locals. In the thick of the agitation we can not dare to do so. This will create unnecessary problems,” admitted an official of the DRDA.

On the other hand, the officials were worried about conducting ‘grama sabhas’ as they were not sure of consequences that would emerge from such meetings. The officials who were weeding out bogus ration cards and pensions dared not conduct them to authenticate the removal of ineligible persons. “We prefer to wait till the heat comes down. There is no logic in antagonising the locals and working in the same area,” said an official.