Girijana Aikya Vedika, Andhra Pradesh, would be conducting a two-day ‘Adivasi Mahasabhalu’—convention of the Scheduled Tribes at Tirupati on October 13 and 14 as a prelude to the call given by the Aikya Vedika to its fraternity for a Hyderabad-bound ‘padayatra’ from all districts of the state.

According to a release issued by the Vedika’s state general secretary, K. Vivek Vinayak and District General Secretary, M. Nirmala, the padayatras from the districts would culminate on the Tank Bund at Hyderabad on October 29, the death anniversary of Komaram Bheem as an obvious show of strength to demand from the government an ‘Adivasi Declaration’.

The two-day Mahasabhalu scheduled at Tirupati ahead of the ‘padayatras’ would discuss the plan of action to be followed by the Vedika to achieve its goal of securing an Adivasi Declaration by the government covering its 9-point charter of demands.

The Vedika’s demands include implementation of G.O. NO: 34 abd appointment of only IAS officers as the Project Directors of the I.T.D.As, establishment of a ‘Girijana University’, allotment of 10 ac land each to all the girijans in the State, allotment of mines and natural resources in the scheduled areas only to the girijans and so on.

Meanwhile in a bid to seek the divine blessings of the Lord Venkateswra in securing the declaration, the note said that girijans belonging to the 35-odd sects of STs would undertake a holy trek up the Tirumala foot path chanting ‘Govindanama’.

Padayatras from the districts to culminate on Tank Bund at Hyderabad on October 29