Alleged group rivalry among doctors is affecting functioning of the hospital

A police case filed recently against Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Adilabad, Director M. Ravinder Reddy exposes the problems besotting the RIMS, including the one of questionable skills of doctors.

There are about 110 doctors on the teaching and clinical side in RIMS of which about 25 are from Maharashtra. The relationship between doctors from AP and the neighbouring State was never cordial since the institute started functioning.

Some doctors from Maharashtra who were accused of lacking in skills, now also stand accused of indulging in politics. Their rivals claim that they do not discharge duties as expected of them.

For example, a senior doctor in general surgery is accused of drinking while on duty.

He has neither performed a surgery during the last two years nor taken classes.

One of the doctors in Anatomy, who is known to have absented himself for about two months without proper permission, had complaints lodged by students against him. He is also accused of bunking teaching.

Another Professor who is accused of not taking classes, is found hobnobbing with pressure groups in town. “These pressure groups enter the RIMS campus anytime unauthorisedly and intimidate faculty members”, said a doctor.

District Collector A. Ashok has conducted an inquiry into the complaint against the Director.

“But what we want is a comprehensive inquiry and removal of the faculty members who are found wanting”, the doctor demanded not wanting to be named.

  • Of the 110 doctors on the teaching and clinical side in the hospital, 25 are from Maharashtra

  • The relationship between doctors from AP and Maharashtra is not cordial