If music be the food of love, then play on … goes the Shakespearean line. It is still good, going by the makers of ‘Adi Sankara’, the saint who traversed the vast expanse of ‘Bharat’ four times in his lifetime.

Adi Sankara, the crusader who sought to safeguard Hinduism, has always been projected as a rather soft but innately strong character.

In this latest film, we seek to show him as a revolutionary in days when the religion was increasingly under attack, say the makers of ‘Adi Sankara’, whose audio was released on ‘Maha Sivaratri’ day recently.

Though ‘Adi Sankara’ is writer J.K. Bharavi’s debut as a director, he is no stranger to Telugu films, especially those pertaining to divine themes

Now what drew the spotlight was the music scored by flautist Nagaraj, who has now re-christened himself as Nagsrivatsa in his debut as music director.

Of the 14 songs in this predominantly musical tale of Adi Sankara, only SPB has sung more than one song.