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Municipal Corporation of Rajahmundry proposes to change entire distribution network

It proposes to construct a 60 MLD plant and eight reservoirs

Starts disconnecting illegal motor connection to pipelines

Rajahmundry: The Municipal Corporation of Rajahmundry (MCR) has prepared an action plan to improve water supply this summer and the proposals that have already been sent to the government are taking final shape.

It is proposed to change the entire water distribution network in the city by constructing a 60 MLD (million litre per day) plant and eight new reservoirs.

‘No shortage'

Superintendent Engineer Md. Imam Mohiddin said there was no water shortage. The corporation was not operating water tanks regularly for supply to the needy.

Diversion of excess water from the Central Vegetable Market reservoir to high-level areas like Sarangadharametta, Burma Colony was the first step that they had taken to increase water pressure and supply, he said.

Secondly, the 50-year-old RCC pipeline near Arts College was removed and a new pipeline laid, he said. Repairs were undertaken and old valves changed wherever needed.

As a third step, the corporation started disconnecting illegal motor connection to drinking water pipelines by residents of some apartments. “Once we minimise maintenance problems, there will be no major hurdle for water supply,” Mr. Mohiddin said.

Funds ready

Though there was no problem for drinking water in most of the wards, the corporation had kept Rs.30 lakhs ready to operate tankers in case of any eventuality. He expressed the confidence that the present water level (40 feet) in the Godavari would save the people of Rajahmundry this summer.

The present supply of 64.9 MLD would be almost sufficient as the requirement was 65 MLD.

The official said that the Water Works Department had identified 20 areas where problem might arise in mid summer.

They were taking up alternative measures to face it, he added.