Criticising the functioning of the corporate and private junior colleges, members of the Jana Vignana Vedika (JVV) said that these colleges do not have right to make education a business.

Addressing a letter JVV president J. Krishna Kishore has urged the district Collector to identify such colleges and immediately take action against them.

According to him, the colleges were luring the students and parents by using fancy names such as Olympiad, Techno, IIT and Digital. “They are promising the sky and seat guarantee in some professional colleges, which is against the law,” said Mr. Kishore.

“On one hand they are collecting exorbitant fees and on the other they are not providing even the basic facilities such as toilets, libraries, playgrounds and laboratories, both in the colleges and in the hostels,” he added.

Most of these colleges have not complied with the fire safety norms and are yet to obtain the No Objection Certificate from the Fire Department, he said.

“Even the building plans of many are not approved. We request the authorities to act immediately or we shall take up a sustained agitation,” said Mr. Kishore.