The Crime Investigation Department (CID) of the police has arrested a software engineer Nerusu Lakshminivas Rao, who was involved in the murder of his wife Jayalakshmi and two children, at Novi in Michigan in the US in 2008.

He had fled US on the day of the murder and moved to different parts of the country and the State concealing his identity. He changed his lifestyle and stopped using credit cards, mobile phones, e-mail, passport and other gadgets, a CID release said.

Sharp weapons used

Rao had used sharp weapons to kill Jayalakshmi, son Siva, 12, and daughter Tejasvi, 14. He waited for two hours for his children to return home from school after killing Jayalakshmi. He purchased the air ticket to Hyderabad via Frankfurt on the same day.

The police of US learnt about the incident after 14 days when relatives reported that that they heard nothing from the family during the period. The school authorities also reported that the children did not attend school.

Arrest warrant

The district court of the county of Oakland in Michigan issued the warrant of arrest against Lakshminivas Rao for first degree murder but he had already left US by then. The Federal Bureau of Investigation then alerted the Interpol which issued Red Corner Notice that was communicated to Central Bureau of Investigation at New Delhi. Rao resorted to the act as his wife refused to return to India upon his losing his job and money, which he invested heavily in a bearish stock market, the release added.