The Anti-Corruption Bureau has informed the A.P. High Court that the investigation into the existence of liquor syndicates entrusted to it is completed.

The ACB submitted the report on its findings to the Bench comprising acting Chief Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose and Justice Vilas Afzulpurkar. It claimed that the final report was submitted to the government and permission to proceed further under Section 19 of Prevention of Corruption Act was awaited.

The Bench was dealing with the batch of writ petitions filed by O.M. Debara who sought functional autonomy to the ACB and P.V. Krishnaiah, practising advocate, who sought a probe by the CBI. The High Court had directed the ACB to conduct investigation and file status reports regularly and it was monitoring the probe.

The probe comes in the light of allegations that liquor syndicates were thriving as huge amounts were paid to officials of excise and related departments, politicians and media. The ACB staffers brought five steel trunks loads of papers to the court on Monday. The ACB counselhanded over a sealed cover. The Bench said it would peruse the contents and pass appropriate orders on Tuesday.